Siberian Express

Grade: 4

Length: 1.9km

Getting There: Siberian Express starts near the highest point of the park. Ride up Arapuke Rd, turning right at the intersection with Eastern Block Rd, and the track starts on the left just past the Summit Hub at the top of the hill.  Alternatively, turn left at the intersection of Arapuke Rd and Eastern Block Rd and ride down Yeah Nah and along the skidder track to the bottom of the last climb on Siberian Express.

Trail Description:  A cross country loop which currently contains a mixture of flowing downhills and graded uphills.  The current loop was built using a digger on the hillside above Checkpoint Charlie, which is used as part of the loop to get from the bottom of the 2nd descent to the final climb.  While the trail is graded as a 4 the entrance is currently the only technical section, with the remainder of the trails generally a Grade 3 level.

It is planned to extend Siberian Express across Arapuke Rd from the bottom of the 2nd downhill to descend and climb around the gullies back towards the main park, climbing back above the road just below the first downhill.  It will descend again to below Eastern Block road before climbing back to the final climb up to the top of Arapuke Rd.  The new trail will be a combination of digger and hand built to provide a technical cross country loop with a wide variety of technical sections utilising natural features and gullies, including steep pinch climbs, technical steep and rooty descents, jumps and berms.

Getting Out:  From the top of the final climb turn right along Arapuke Rd for 200 m to the top of #8 Wire followed by About Time.  An alternative exit from the bottom of the 2nd descent turn right up Arapuke Rd to the same point.  In the future Checkpoint Charlie will be extended to Zig Zag Rd, traversing down from the end of Eastern Block Rd.

Jemma Cheer

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