Jumping Jack

Grade: 4
Length: 550m

 Trail Description: Jumping Jack follows the old downhill trail built in 2013 by some of our young lads who wanted a trail of berms and jumps.

Accesed from the start of Mr Twister it sweeps its way down the hill beside ZigZag Rd with big corners and jumps. All the jumps in the top section have been filled in and are table tops, from the drop down to the bridge it is all new trail, built in 2016 by Southstar Trails.

Fun little doubles and berms all the way to its exit on to the road make this trail a must for anyone who like their wheels up. None of the jumps are nasty and can all be cleared with a moderate trail speed, keep on your toes though as the gap over the drain is now back and can sneak up on you, there is an alternative line around it if you aren't keen.

Built: Original line 2012 by the Downhill crew, new parts 2017 Southstar Trails.

 Getting Out: Exit on to ZigZag Road where the trail crosses it, options at the road crossing include a short grunt back up ZigZag rd to do it all again or head into Humpty Jumpty for more jumping fun down to the lower trail hub, Jack and The Beanstalk takes you back to the top of the hill.


Jemma Cheer

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