Humpty Jumpty

Grade: 3

Length: 400m approx.

Getting there: Starting opposite the end of Jumping Jack on ZigZag Rd.

Trail Description:  Humpty Jumpty was designed to give riders an introduction to air time. A couple of rollers beside the road to warm you up lead you into a steepish descending right hand berm, swoop through the next 3 berms and down to the first table top. All of the jumps are well formed and allow you to go as fast or slow as you like to practice your style down to the Culvert Hub. Built 2017 by SouthStar Trails

Getting Out:  From the Culvert Hub you can head into lower Rhythm and Vines or Kissing Rock to carry on the bottom of the hill or head into Checkpoint Charlie to take you back up the hill to do it all again.

Jemma Cheer

Freelance graphic designer, mainly into doing logos and identity systems, but loves everything that involves thinking and looking at things.