Checkpoint Charlie

Grade: 3

Length: TBC

Trail Description:  Checkpoint Charlie is a mid level “catch” track that runs from the lower trail hub right across to Eastern Bloc on the far side of the park.

This is a shared use 2 way trail that primarily is there to bring walkers across the park avoiding our MTB trails, there will frequently be walkers on it as it is part of the Sledge Track loop, please be courteous to other users and keep your speed under control.

The main function of Checkpoint Charlie for us is to enable access into and out of trails, as the park grows and more trails are built, loops will be able to be created without dropping right to the bottom of the hill on every run.

Very steep in parts, it is not an ideal way to traverse the park but for keen riders it will provide a challenge to ride the whole way through it.

Getting Out: There are multiple points across Ceckpoint Charlie that you can exit, the most common will be either end of it, Eastern Bloc (by Yeah Nah exit) or at the Culvert Hub.

Jemma Cheer

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