Rhythm and Vines

Grade: 3
Length: 3.5km

Getting there: Starting from the intersection of the top of ZigZag Rd and Arapuke Rd.

Trail description: One of our flagship trails in the park, this trail will make you love riding your bike, once down will never be enough, Rhythm and Vines snakes its way down the hill for almost 3.5k! Rollers Berms and jumps are the order of the day, modelled off Eagle vs Shark in Rotorua (built by the same crew), this trail was built as a way for all of our riders to have a fun way off the hill, riders from 7 to 70 love this one. With a predominantly rocky base this trail is great in the wet or dry.

Before this trail was built the only option for lower grade riders and families to get back to the lower carpark was zigzag road.

Designed to be a trail that riders can grow on, Rhythm and Vines can be safely rolled by all riders but as the confidence grows, so can the speed and you will be rewarded with a high speed blast that will bring a smile to even the most grouchy retro rider.

The trail starts with a nice Rhythm section along the side of the hill before heading into a series of 4 switchbacks that are steep but do have a nice inside line for the less confident. From the switchbacks down to the culvert is a speedy run of twists and turns with the odd roller thrown in to keep you on your toes.

At around the 2k mark Rhythm and Vines meets Pupu Rahi and there is the option of pulling off here at the Culvert Hub and returning back to the top of the hill for another run down or, carry on down the hill for more sweeping corners and rollers to the bottom where the trail meets Back Track, turn right and roll down to the carpark about 300m away, turn left and head back up Back Track to Pupu Rahi and climb back to the Culvert Hub.

Built by: SouthStar Trails in 2016.

Getting out: You can exit Rhythm and Vines at the Culvert Hub (big pipe) or carry on to the bottom of the hill where a short run down Back Track takes you back to the Kahuterawa Rd car park or turning up Back Track takes you to Pupu Rahi or further on to the top and Scotts Rd car park.

Jemma Cheer

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