Pūpū Rahi

Grade: 3
Length: 1.5km

Getting there: An awesome climbing trail that starts on the left 600m up Back Track. 

Trail Description: This trail winds gently through 400m or so of native bush, crossing several culverts before coming out on to the hillside amongst the new growth forest on the way to the top of it's 1.5km length. 

Running at an average 4% gradient, this trail was specifically put in to give lower grade riders an easier ride up to the park.

The lovely vista on the way up and beautiful finish belies the effort that went into its construction. Many weeks were spent getting this trail right, the result is a trail that is one of the nicest climbing trails anywhere in the country. 

Built by: SouthStar Trails in 2016.

Getting out: Once at the top of Pūpū Rahi, turn through the culvert to your right and you will be at the Culvert Hub on Zigzag Road.

Jemma Cheer

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