Mr Twister

Grade: 3
Length: approx 800m

Getting There: Accessed from the Container Hub on Arapuke Rd by the container or from Farside Rd by the exit of Jack and the Beanstalk. The newly built section can be entered from where the trail crosses ZigZag road.

Trail Description: (formerly known as Jack be Nimble) This trail is an ideal one for progressing on as it is a safe way down the hill for any brave beginner or less confident rider, as everything is rollable and there are no nasty surprises its great fun and as you get to know it's twists, turns and jumps your skill level will go up.

Mr Twister starts opposite the end of Riff Raff at the Container hub on Arapuke Rd. After a short section between Arapuke Rd and Farside Rd which offers nice views out over the park, the trail crosses Farside Rd and swoops its way down the hill via a series of berms which allow for a sedate pace for the less confident or for the more adventurous you can really get going quite safely as the berms enable a good turn of speed. As the trail levels out it has, a couple of small jumps with alternate lines just past these it swings to the right and ends at the start ot Jack and the Beanstalk. The trail can be exited left out to Zigzag Rd or you can turn right and continue up Jack and the Beanstalk to form a loop back to the top of the hill.

Built: Manawatu Mountain Bike Club

Getting Out: The Trail ends at the start of Jack and the Beanstalk. .Alternately the trail can be exited out to Zigzag Rd where you can cross and head into Humpty Jumpty which takes you down to the Culvert trail hub.


Jemma Cheer

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