We rely on significant help from the community to achieve our goals

We have started a Park and Trail sponsorship programme. Arapuke already attracts significant numbers of out of region riders, so support for our trails will benefit Manawatū businesses and the Manawatū economy. We are stoked to have so much support for what we are doing from within our local community. Make sure you return the favour and drop your business the way of these companies who have all stepped up to further the mountain biking cause and keep the good times rolling up and down the hill.

Help us continue to grow Arapuke

Become a

MMBC Member

 If you think you would like to get your name up in the park as a sponsor, please contact Peter Wells at [email protected].


to arapuke trails

Your donation will go into developing, and maintaining the park.




Donate your time, materials or machinery to build new or maintain existing trails.


With over 24 km of trail planned, maintenance will become a bigger and bigger task.


Propose a trail or project by email to [email protected].


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