We have started a Park and Trail sponsorship programme.  Arapuke already attracts significant numbers of out of region riders, so support for our trails will benefit Manawatu businesses and the Manawatu economy. We are stoked to have so much support for what we are doing from within our local community. Make sure you return the favour and drop your business the way of these companies who have all stepped up to further the mountain biking cause and keep the good times rolling up and down the hill.

 If you think you would like to get your name up in the park as a sponsor, please contact Phil Christmas: phil.christmas@mortgagelink.co.nz


Arapuke Trail Supporters

Arapuke Trail Supporters offers the opportunitiy for individuals to support our trail building activities.  Whilst we would prefer an annual contribution we would also be very happy with one-off contributions.

  1. Optional Annual Sponsorship; A tax Invoice will be issued for sponsorship for $250 and above. (Sponsorship has no GST as we are not GST registered) 
  2. All money goes into an Arapuke Trails specific bank account which is audited annually with MMBC accounts
  3. All expenditure is proposed by the Arapuke Trails committee and approved by the full MMBC committee
  4. This is a great way to support the trail building for riders who can't make Dig Days
  5. The link below will take you to our shop.  Whilst we offer a Paypal option, we prefer direct credit payments, as we incur no fees on these transactions


To donate to trail development click here!

Volunteer Support

  1. Donate your time, materials or machinery to build new or maintain existing trails 
  2. With over 24 km of trail planned, maintenance will become a bigger and bigger task

  3. Propose a trail or project by email to arapuketrails@gmail.com

  4. Join our Supporters database by filling in the form below

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