Trail maintenence & Improvement program

There’s no getting around the fact that Arapuke see its fair share of rainfall and countering the resulting mud and erosion is one of our biggest challenges. This programme is aimed at making the Arapuke trails ridable pretty much year-round (please avoid riding immediately after heavy rain though!). We are also working to make the park as cohesive as possible. This means connections, extensions and revamps are always on the go.

Arapuke Dig Days

Please remember that Dig Days are held most months and are advertised on our Facebook page. We would love to see you along to help us build and maintain the amazing trail network that we have.

Please support us in getting these trails completed

Future Projects

The Arapuke Trails Committee has planned out tracks across the whole of the Arapuke Recreation area. These plans will ensure that the full potential of Arapuke can be realised in a cohesive and balanced way.

1. Ripper and Humpty-Jumpty refurbishments.
2. New G3/4 downhill tech trail that parallels New Old Skool.
3. ‘Summit-to-river’ G4/5 trails that head from the top shelter down to Te Ara Kaikohi.

Please support us in getting these trails built

completed projects

1. Te Ara Kaikohi: the ‘eastern epic’ trail that heads downhill from the top shelter then sweeps low through the river valley. Long, flowy and family-friendly (Grade 3), this iconic trail opens a beautiful area of the park. Opened late 2023.

2. Chili Beans: A grade 4 uphill alternative to Jack and the Beanstalk with some rocky, rooty and steep challenges. Opened mid 2023.

3. Foo Fighter: Absolute beauty of a flow/jumps trail that puts smiles on the dials of all riders.