Mr. Twister

  • GRADE 3
  • Length: 2,500m
  • Elevation gain:
  • Style: Flow

Getting there

Accessed from the Container Hub on Arapuke Rd by the container

Trail Description

Mr. Twister was edited and extended by Empire of Dirt and also Velstand Trails in 2019. It is a wide open Grade 3 flow trail. This trail is an ideal one for progressing on as it is a safe way down the hill and our recommended park EXIT trail for Grade 3 riders.

Mr. Twister starts opposite the Container hub on Arapuke Rd. As the name suggests this trail has many berms, twists and turns. Riders can take a sedate pace, or if they let off the brakes gain a pretty good speed! The trail acts as a link for riders wanting to return to the Shuttle Pickup. The trail also continues from the Shuttle Pickup down to Back Track, where you can ride a short section of Back Track (caution 2 way traffic) back to the bridge and Kahuterawa Car Park.

Getting out

After riding the the full trail you can exit at the Arapuke Road – Zig Zag Road intersection or join Riff Raff and continue up to the Hub.