The K Loop Classic

The K Loop Classic (grade 4 loop)

Back Track, Ice Breaker, Riff Raff, Mr Twister, Humpty Jumpty, Checkpoint Charlie, Jack and the Beanstalk, Yeah Nah, Siberian Express, Number 8 Wire, About Time, Billy Goat, Rocky, Riff Raff, Rhythm and vines, Back Track back down to car park.

Distance: 19km


Description: All the trails in the park less the grade 5 trails and jump track.

From Kauterawa Rd car park head up the road across Black Bridge and up Back Track to the top, around 4k of climbing to get the legs warmed up.

Once at the top car park head into Ice Breaker and follow it round till it joins Riff Raff and continues up to the Container Trail Hub, across the road from the trail hub Mr Twister heads down the hill till it meets ZigZag Rd, cross and continue down Humpty Jumpty to the Culvert Trail Hub. Cross ZigZag Rd and head up Checkpoint Charlie till the intersection with Jack and the Beanstalk, carry on up Jack and the Beanstalk till you reach the seat at the top. From the seat ride up Arapuke Rd till it reaches an obvious crest with a turn up to the right, carry on straight ahead and 50m down the road Yeah Nah is on your right. At the end of Yeah Nah the trail rejoins Checkpoint Charlie for 100m or so, Siberian Express turns off to the right. Climb back up to Arapuke Rd, ride along the gravel for 100m or so past the Shuttle turn around till you see another trail post on your left, drop in to continue down a short tech chute then follow the trail right around till it exits on the end of Checkpoint Charlie. Turn right and head back up the gravel rd (Arapuke Rd) till you see the entrance to Number 8 Wire on your left near the Shuttle turn around. Follow Number 8 down till it connects into About Time then continue to the bottom of the trail, before the creek at the bottom turn hard right and head up Billy Goat, this takes you back to the Container Trail Hub and the start of Rocky. Rocky has a short steep roll in at the start and then winds down to a rocky knoll which is a challenge to climb, (this is near to Rambo turn off) follow Rocky past Rambo turn off and wind your way back up to Riff Raff, there are a few rock steps on the way. At Riff Raff turn left and drop back to the intersection of Arapuke Rd and Zig Zag Rd, head down Rhythm and Vines to Back Track, turn right and head back to Black Bridge and the car park.

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