Family Flight

Family Flight (grade 3 loop)

Back Track, Pupu Rahi, Checkpoint Charlie, Jack and the Beanstalk, About time, ice breaker, Riff Raff, mr twister, Humpty Jumpty, Lower Rhythm and Vines, Back Track back to car park.

Distance: Approx 13km

 Time: 1 to 1.5hrs

Description: A fairly similar loop to Family Flow but has a couple of different trails including some jumps.

Starting from Kahuterawa Rd car park head up the road and across Black Bridge into Back Track, climb steadily for a kilometer or so till you see the entrance to Pupu Rahi on your left, use the turn bay to make the turn easier.

Pupu Rahi climbs at a 4-5% gradient, starting in the native bush before winding through the new forest, at the top head through the culvert (big concrete pipe) to the Culvert Trail Hub. Pupu Rahi is an uphill mtb trail but is shared use so you may encounter walkers.

Straight across ZigZag road from the Trail Hub Checkpoint Charlie starts, once again climbing at a 4-5% gradient making for a pleasant ride up. Checkpoint Charlie meets up with the Start of Jack and the Beanstalk to continue the climb to the top of the park, crossing Farside Rd Jack and the Beanstalk continues to climb till you reach Arapuke Rd, there is a well positioned seat here to take a breather on before the descent begins.

Head up the hill from the seat on Arapuke Rd for 50m or so and you will see the entrance to About Time on your right, follow About Time down the valley till the bottom where it joins Ice Breaker for a short easy climb up past the dam, continue into Riff Raff and up to the Container Trail Hub.

Straight across Arapuke Rd from the Trail Hub Mr Twister starts, follow the twists and turns down till you reach ZigZag Rd. Cross the road and head down Humpty Jumpty, yes it has jumps but all are table tops and are a great way to practice your jumping skills.

Humpty Jumpty ends at the Culvert Trail Hub, head back through the culvert (big concrete pipe) and turn right down Rhythm and Vines, follow to the end and then turn right on to Back Track and roll back to Black Bridge and the Kahuterawa Rd car park.

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