Kissing Rock

  • GRADE 6
  • Length: 835m
  • Elevation gain:
  • Style: Tech

Getting there

Kissing rock starts opposite the Culvert trail hub right next to the entrance to Checkpoint Charlie.

Trail Description

Trail Description:

This is a demanding Grade 6 technical trail, although the whole trail has been designed to be rollable, we would suggest scouting some of the more technical features before attempting them. There are effectively 3 parts to Kissing Rock, each getting more and more technical as the hill gets steeper.

The trail starts opposite the Culvert Hub, just at the start of Check Point Charlie. A couple of technical log roll overs get you warmed up before you cross Zig Zag Road and briefly merge with Mr. Twister. You need to take a sharp left turn at the top of the rise to continue on Kissing Rock. This will take you into the first of many technical chutes. The trail pops up off the road then drops down to the right with quite a steep roll in. Be aware This needs to be looked at if its your first time down as it is a steep rock berm to rock chute. What follows is a smorgasbord of log drops, steep roll-ins and short technical sections.

Eventually you will swoop down a big open section that merges once again with Mr. Twister. If you stay straight ahead you will swoop up a hill and come to the Shuttle Pick up bay. If you want to continue on Kissing Rock and head to the bottom of the hill you will need to take a right hand turn about half way up the hill to the shuttle. This is the continuation of Kissing Rock lower section. If you thought the top was a little tricky, the bottom only gets harder!

The 2nd section between the Shuttle Bay and the next Road crossing (Zig Zag Rd.) has some extended steep sections that can be quite tricky when wet, with plenty of wet roots and slippery clay surface to catch you out. If that wasn’t bad enough, in the dry its pretty fast and furious.

Then you cross Zig Zag Rd. for a second time and head into the 3rd and final section of Kissing Rock which will test your nerve even more. It is probably wise to have a look at some of these features before riding as they have fairly high consequence if done wrong.

Drop in off the road to a gentle warm up around to a technical rock garden, then a descending left turn that is pretty tricky will lead you to the Kissing Rock! A monster rock that was found while scouting this trail out is now a centre piece of the trail. Watch your speed as roll in as it is STEEP and has quite a compressed g-out at the bottom!

Once down this the trail continues with more rock gardens and a couple more tight descending turns as you traverse the hill dropping to one last big rock roll before exiting on to the bottom of Zig Zag Road just above the bridge.

Built:  2015-17 by MMBC

Getting out

Head down towards Black Bridge and the Kahuterawa Rd car park or, head up Back Track for another lap.