Ice Breaker

  • GRADE 2
  • Length: 1.5km
  • Elevation gain: ~20m
  • Style: Flow

Getting there

Starts from the Scotts Rd car park at the top of Back Track (or drive up Scotts Rd).

Trail Description

(formerly known as Jack Frost).In 2012 there was a major amount of harvesting of the area previously know as Woodpecker Forest. Working in partnership with PNCC, the Manawatu Mountain Bike Club contracted JB Ware to cut and shape the trail to our specification. The one way trail traverses a mainly flat area beside the pond out to the eastern boundary and then starts to descend through a series of bermed corners towards Rambo Gully before turning back to the pond and crossing the dam. The trail then gently climbs above the pond and alongside Arapuke Rd. Ice Breaker continues onto Riff Raff or exits onto the road.

Built:  mmbc in 2013

Getting out

After riding the the full trail you can exit at the Arapuke Road – Zig Zag Road intersection or join Riff Raff and continue up to the Hub.