About Time

  • GRADE 3
  • Length: 2,100m
  • Elevation gain:
  • Style: Flow

Getting there

Accessed from the Summit Hub, The trail starts right from the top of the park along the farmers fenceline.

Trail Description

A predominantly downhill flowing trail with lots of berms and a smooth surface that’s fun for all the family. Running from the summit of the park this trail has has a few incarnations over the years. The berms and rollers make for great times and make About Time a great trail to get those skills dialed in on. There is even a bridge thrown into the mix to keep you on your toes the whole way down to where it meets Ice Breaker.

Keep your eyes out, at the mid point of the trail in branches. There is the option to continue on About Time to Ice Breaker, or you can split off and take a short trail section to Container Hub. This is good for riders who wish to go straight into Mr. Twister.

Getting out

Continue to the end of the trail where it joins Ice Breaker just below the dam or for the more energetic, turn up Billy Goat for a short lung buster back up to the Container Hub.