Kissing Rock

Grade: 4
Length: 900m

Built:  2015 by Blair Francis

Getting There:  Kissing rock startsopposite the lower trail hub right next to the entrance to Checkpoint Charlie.

A couple of technical log roll overs get you warmed up before you cross ZigZag Rd and head around to the first of the drops. The trail pops up off the road then drops down to the right with quite a steep roll in.

Be aware! This needs to be looked at if its your first time down as it has off-camber roots on it and drops to the side not straight. What follows is a smorgasbord of log drops, steep roll-ins and short technical sections.

After reaching the sideline above the Kahuterawa Valley you get a breather before the final steep section down the hill, roots and off-camber sections will keep you on your toes till a hard right takes you down to ZigZag road.

A planned extension is being built from this point down to the picnic table by Black bridge, we will keep you informed via the facebook page as to its progress.

Trail Description:

Getting Out:  Once the trail drops to the picnic table you will be at the bottom of the hill near the Kahuterawa Rd car park or, head up Back Track for another lap.

There is an option to join the last few corners of Rhythm and Vines and exit out to Back Track about 200m up trail from Black Bridge.

Photos and video coming soon

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