Current Projects

These projects will be active over the 2017 winter:

  1. Lower Kissing Rock: Grade 4/5 technical hand build trail that will be a continuation of the current Kissing Rock track. It will turn right at the bottom of the current Kissing Rock, cross Zig Zag Road then head down the hill towards the picnic table at the river. 
  2. Trail maintenance and improvement programme: There's no getting around the fact that Arapuke see its fair share of rainfall and countering the resulting mud and erosion is one of our biggest challenges. This programme is aimed at making the Arapuke trails ridable pretty much year-round (please avoid riding immediately after heavy rain though!).

Please remember that Dig Days are held every month. We would love to see you along to help us build and maintain the amazing trail network that we have.   


Please support us in getting these trails completed

Future Projects

The Arapuke Trails Committee has planned out tracks across the whole of the Arapuke Recreation area. These plans will ensure that the full potential of Arapuke can be realised in a cohesive and balanced way. Upcoming projects include:

New trails: Do you love riding new tracks? Then you'll be stoked about the plans we have for extending the trails all over the park, which include plenty of hand-built old-school tracks to take you both up and down. The image to the right links to the latest version of the Arapuke Trail Development Plan (click for a larger version). These plans will be implemented over the next couple of years.

Skills Area: Close to Arapuke Road and Scott's Road car park. This will incorporate many features found on a mountain bike trail such as berms, chutes, drops, jumps and rock gardens. To be made in such a way that it can be used for coaching purposes.



Please Support Us in getting these trails built

Completed Projects

  1. Rhythm and Vines: A fun flowing Grade 3 downhill trail, 3.5 km long, with similar design characteristics to Eagle v Shark, Rotorua. This trails was completed in 2016.
  2. Pupu Rahi: A Grade 3 uphill trail starting part way up Back track, providing an easier, less steep gradient access to the lower trail hub in Arapuke than Back track. This track opened in Spring 2016.   
  3. Jack the Ripper: Grade 6 National level downhill trail. A combination of machine and hand built trail with big jumps, drops, chutes, other natural terrain features.
  4. Humpty Jumpty: A Grade 4 trail that was extended, reshaped and realigned in 2016/7.   
  5. Swamp Monster: This trail completes a Grade 2 loop suitable for kids and beginners that starts at the Scott's Road car park and incorporates Jack Frost.
  6. Upper Number 8 Wire: This Grade 4 trail has been extended up to the highest point of the park.
  7. Jack and the Beanstalk: To allow singletrack uphill access to the top of the park, Jack and the Beanstalk was extended down the hill to meet the top of Pupu Rahi at the culvert.
Thanks for your support in getting these trails built Thank you to all the generous sponsors and volunteers who have enabled MMBC and Arapuke Trails to make such great progress with the trails. We never could have achieved it without your help.